Himlen over Havana

Himlen over HavanaHimlen over Havana er den danske titel på denne franske (!) film, der allerede havde premiere i 2014. Jeg havde nu ikke hørt om den, før jeg så den på plakaten hos Grandteatret. Da vi påtænker at tage til Cuba på sommerferie, var det jo oplagt at se denne, hvor Havana/Cuba er den store medspiller og bagtæppe.

Gamle venner mødes i anledning af, at en af dem kommer tilbage fra 16 års eksil i Spanien. De er alle så sårede af det, de opfatter som de andres svigt, at vi hurtigt får skrabet fernissen af – først ryger facaden på én, siden på dem alle. Den gode cubanske rom og dyr importeret whisky hjælper med til, at det går hurtigt. Hele filmens handling udspiller sig på under et døgn.

Den handler i høj grad om den politiske undertrykkelse, både før og nu, men først og fremmest om, hvad der sker, når midaldrende mennesker som mig bliver desillusionerede. Pyh, det er trist! Jeg småtudede faktisk gennem det meste af filmen, fordi jeg bare ikke kunne bære at se disse mennesker og deres kolossale skuffelse over tilværelsen!



There's nothing a brain scan won't reveal


Activity in Caudate Nucleus (a part of our brain) predicts our choices. That’s another part of our brain that seems to be moored in the hunter/gather era of humanity, because the study shows that the brain pushes our choice towards the one with the largest perceived reward.

This is funny! Apparently, there’s very little you can’t see on brain scans. For instance, you can predict blunders! Seems like life would be different (easier?) if we could walk around with brain scanners on our heads all the time…

When romantically inclined, we don’t want to follow the crowd. It’s the other way ’round when we’re scared.


A brain scan can show IQ?


When discussing how we bring up our children and feminism issues with friends and family I’m always arguing that 1) We must answer questions about sex when put to us by our children, in an honest and close-to-the-truth way, according to their age. If we don’t they’ll know how to get the information from other sources, which might not be as credible. They WILL get the information! And 2) that men and women will never be equal as long as the porn industry is as skewed as it is. When boys and girls see the average porn flick or magazine, they get a sadly stereotypical impression of sexuality. Finally a programme on Channel 4 (and not just yet another study by a feminist psychologist) shows how youngsters get their “knowledge” about sex: Porn. Think about that, parents, before you snub another sex-related question from your children out of misplaced modesty.

Told you so… Extra-curricular activities and good social skills in high school will benefit you later in life.

This story was all over Twitter yesterday. When your toddler doesn’t respond to your REPEATED instructions, it’s not because they’re not listening. They’re just storing it for later. What I don’t understand then, is what happens with bigger children? Maybe they are just storing the instructions for MUCH later?


Education slows down the spreading of HIV in Sub-Saharan countries. Read the interesting description of how, in the beginning of the epidemic, the disease spread fastest among educated males, because they had more leisure time and money to provide them greater access to commercial sex workers. Notice this new euphemism for prostitutes… Where did that come from?

A cure for Herpes. Wouldn’t that be nice?


Why is it that politicians from all over the Western world aren’t queueing to scold Putin and his puppets for these killings? Russia actually claims to be a democratic country and wants a place among the world’s leading nations!

For a nation that embraces countries like China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan etc. it’s about time they loosen up towards Cuba.


Recipes on Twitter… I’ve just added a host of twittering chefs to my stream. Inspiration is everything when you’re the one left to do the everyday cooking!