Spring til indhold



What’s with the # (hash-tag) you ask (if you’re not on Twitter). The above is the key word for any tweet about the Iranian election… Læs mere »#Iranelection

Another cry-baby

Former secretary of state Colin Powell in a five-minute interview with CNN: colin.powell.reaction.cnn (Don’t know why this one wouldn’t let me embed it, but do… Læs mere »Another cry-baby

Congratulations America

It’s now past 4 am and Obama just passed the magical 270 electoral votes. So I go to bed now. Horrible headache, happy headache :-)

24 hours

Sarah Palin is meeting how many? foreign leaders in 24 hours? I forget. And I suspect she will too. Very quickly. How is it possible… Læs mere »24 hours

Pura Vida

Costa Ricans, who call themselves Ticos, use this phrase all the time. It means something like “How are you”, “I’m great”, “Take care”, “Have a… Læs mere »Pura Vida

A thriller

These last days we’ve (me mostly, and David) been watching CNN all day and night long to follow the so-called Iowa caucuses. That’s the pre-elections… Læs mere »A thriller