Spring til indhold

Not many clever thoughts flitter through my head these days

– so this is about food.

After having used more or less the same bread recipe for the last ten years, I’ve now reverted to the famous No-Knead-Bread, popularised by my favourite food writer Mark Bittman. He uses yeast – I prefer not to, or at least only a tiny little bit. To avoid using yeast you have to have a starter (sour) dough. Either you make it yourself – no difficult thing, google it, choose easiest option. In my experience there’s not a huge difference between a complicated and an easy starter dough. The good starter/sour dough is an “old” one – which of course means that it’s been re-used for years, not that it’s been hanging around the fridge for years…

If you’ve never worked with starter-doughs, here’s how it works: First time round you either make one or take out a dollop of dough when you bake a bread with yeast. Store it in airtight container in fridge. It will last up to 10-14 days. You can always refresh a tired sour dough by taking it out of the fridge, take the lid off, add a little natural yoghurt, stir, leave. When it starts bubbling, it’s ready again. Use the starter instead of yeast. Remember to always take a fresh starter from your new bread dough after you’ve raised it the first time.

The No-Knead-Bread is below in the Youtube version, here in a more conventional way.

And while you’re over at NYT, check out this super-easy recipe for homemade flavoured olive oils. I made one with lemon the other day. If you want to make a whole bottle, you’ll need 2-3 lemons. Peel carefully to avoid too much of the bitter white. Follow recipe.

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