Spring til indhold


It’s been a while, I know (no Internet at campground and busy with travel arrangements). And it’ll be a while yet, for tonight I’ll head out to Texas for my aunt’s funeral.

There’s a lot to tell, because we’ve covered a lot of ground since my last real entry. Right now we’re at a lovely campground just outside Charleston, South Carolina, and David and Dane will stay here, while I’m in Texas. We’ve been through Alabama, Mississippi, Florida and Georgia in the meantime.

See pictures with commentary and send us a message. We miss hearing from y’all!!!!

2 tanker om “Absent”

  1. Hey Néné… Sorry to hear about Aunt Néné ! And hopefully you’re all well…….

    I heard about this site by accident, think it’s woth checking out, though! Seeing that you’re travelling through the States.


    An ex.: In Lost Springs, Wyoming the population is 3 (!)
    and the female mayor (!!) has had the post for 15 terms ! They used to be 9 people there, but …..
    Here in DK, the autumn has arrived setting the trees on fire, and making a nice warm tea with toast seem like a brilliant idea!

    Take care, and I wish you all the best.
    Lots of love from

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