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Silence is now officially broken

Am now back, don’t know yet if it’s with a vengeance, but it’s with something very innocent, namely a food recipe.

First I’ll just tell you briefly what’s been going on in the meantime:

I haven’t been well – will get back to that later, if I don’t end up deeming it too private/boring for the public eye.

I wrote my Bachelor dissertation with my friend Mikkel. Here’s a picture of it…

Name means: Why dont they just go and do it?
Titel means: Why don't they just go and do it?

We had a Bar Mitzvah in the family. Great big party for a lovely boy. Here’s a picture of the rabbi’s legs:

Cool shoes, dont you think?
Cool shoes, don't you think?

We also had a wedding in the family. The reception was at our house. The happy couple wants to keep the pictures private, so here’s a picture of me and young Dane on the day:

It was such a beautiful day!
It was such a beautiful day!

And my older son Emil has been visiting, so blogging was sort of bottom of the list, you see!

We went for a walk at Winkworth Arboretum
We went for a walk at Winkworth Arboretum

Oh yes, and it was young son’s 8th b’day. Here’s a picture of the cakes and the rolls, which we served on the day.

Traditional bday rolls as per family recipe
Avocado/Strawberry b'day layer cake
Traditional Danish bday rolls as per family recipe
Traditional Danish b'day rolls as per family recipe

And for the patient Twitterati is here finally the recipe for:

Avocado/strawberry layer cake – ideal for summer b’days

You’ll need a plain sponge cake, which you’ll then split in three for each cake. Either bake or order at baker’s.

Per cake you’ll need approximately:

2 avocados, must be ripe
2 pounds of strawberries
icing sugar
2 unwaxed lemons
1/2 l double cream
inside of 1/2 – 1 vanilla pod

This cake can be made the evening before if you 1) have room in your fridge 2) wait with decorating the top till just before serving. It gets better that way, the gooey strawberry mash soaks nicely into the sponge…

Have the sponges at the ready with bottom ones on cake platters.

Make avocado cream: Put avocado flesh, icing sugar (a little to begin with, add to taste), lemon juice & vanilla into blender and mix. When thoroughly mixed, add cream. Hold some back to make sure you get the right consistency. It must be like quite thick cream.

Now make strawberry mash. Use half the berries, mash them with icing sugar. Again, use sugar to taste.

Slice the rest of the strawberries in 3-4 lengthwise, keep some which you only halve for decorating the sides.

Now you’re ready to make the cake:

With a spatula, spread a layer of strawberry mash onto bottom layer. A layer of avocado cream goes on top. Then a layer of sliced strawberries in a nice pattern. Repeat with second layer. If you’re making the cake a day ahead, finish with top bit of sponge, film and stick in fridge. Avocado cream must be in airtight container in fridge.

Next day just before serving, you decorate your cake with more avocado cream and more strawberries. Depending on occasion, you can now decorate with candles etc. or for a more grown-up feel with strawberries or redcurrants on the stalks, dipped in egg white and then dusted with icing sugar. Very pretty. These need to rest on kitchen towels for a few hours before they are ready.

Thanks to Danish chef, food writer, organics pioneer & chief feminist Camilla Plum for this lovely and original recipe!

On Twitter I promised @titianred a recipe for Italian style potato pizza. It’s here (you’ll have to read all of it to get to the potato part).

This one is with artichoke hearts
This one is with artichoke hearts

6 tanker om “Silence is now officially broken”

  1. Darling Néné … Hope you’re soon feeling better – Please write me, when you have the time and tell me about it – Congrats on your and Mikkels paper, even though I haven’t read it, I feel inclined to say; WELL DONE!!! the pair of you!!!
    Send the birthdayboy a great big hug from the “secret auntie”, he hardly knows, but she takes a great interrest in him… And love and all the best to Emil, you and your fam. from an ardent admirer of your blog and of you!
    Love from Gabs

    Ps. Cool legs on the Rabbi!!!

  2. PPS; Apparently you really like James Lee Burke, next time you come over, you might want to lend me one of his? never read him, but I’m curious – you know that trait in me already…. (“,)

  3. For some reason I can’t stop laughing over the legs!

    Cake looks yummy and with a little substitution of goats cream etc… we’ll probably attempt it as our 5th Wedding Anniversary cake towards the end of the months – if your ok with that?

    Glad the dissitation is all done and dusted and that the wedding was a success!


    p.s. I’m Saffy from Twitter!

  4. Lots of love your way too. I’ll try to remember to bag a few James Lee Burke books before I embark on next trip to DK. His detective, Robicheaux, is very loveable and the picture he paints of the American deep south (Louisiana, the swamps, New Orleans) is amazing.

  5. @saffy – oh, I know who you are. And yes of course you can use the recipe, that’s what it’s for.
    @karina – I believe you’re from twitter as well. Yes, it really is very very summery. For us the summer starts every year with Dane’s b’day and that cake, June 1st.

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