Spring til indhold


Just thought I should let you know why I’m eerily silent here on the blog. It’s not because I’m too busy Twittering, although I do Twitter a bit every day. 140 characters seem to be just what I can deal with at the moment.

You see, I’m writing my Bachelor paper for delivery on May 29th. And that’s only a few weeks away. Right now I’m stuck, but that too will pass – I hope.

Also, I had to go to Denmark last week to attend my (grand)mother’s funeral. It was nice to see such a big turnout for the passing of a nonagenarian. She would have appreciated the truckload of flowers in only pink and purple and the beautiful sunny day. A good day for a send-off!

So, dear faithful readers (those of you still left after my long silence), I’ll be back in June, hopefully with a vengeance. If you absolutely must know what I’m up to, please subscribe to my Twitter-feed. You can see it in the right hand column here on the blog.

Have a lovely month of May, everyone!

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