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A Sunday outing – Our way

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but David and I are great fans of the National Trust and go to their houses and gardens whenever we have the chance. Before we lived here, we’ve been on holidays in Devon/Cornwall and in Yorkshire and darted from one National Trust property to the next.

Today we visited two properties, Clandon Park and Hatchlands Park. Clandon Park was OK with an incredible collection of Meissen, Wedgwood and Sèvres (which I prefer) porcelain, but I much preferred Hatchlands Park, which also holds great promise as a prime picnic site. There were pictures there by Tizian!!!

Hatchlands Park also had the world’s largest collection of pianos connected to famous composers. I was quite awed to stand in front of a piano, which had been graced (=played on) by Chopin himself.

We had a nice traditional lunch at Clandon and then cream tea (just as traditional) at Hatchlands. After that we had to go for a little walk and also found time to take a few pictures. Lovely day out!

Photos: Dane and me in front of Hatchlands Park House taken by David. Sèvres porcelain bowl from the Sèvres museum site. Chopin’s piano from Cobbe Collection’s website. My picture of clover from the field ind front of Hatchlands Park House.

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