Spring til indhold

Generalisations about Aussies

  • They are easy-going
  • They are friendly
  • They wear hats
  • They don’t wear baseball caps
  • A large percentage of them are of Asian origin
  • Boys and girls wear school uniforms. Also in High School.
  • They are mad about sport, like, eh, cricket…
  • When they have style, they really flaunt it!
  • When they don’t, they flaunt that too…
  • The younger ones are often tattooed.
  • They make a great latte here, and they have something they call a “flat white”, which seems to be more or less the same, but clearly favoured over the latte by the locals.
  • Even the take-away food and the fast-food is great here.

Before we left Brisbane, we went to the Gallery of Modern Art and saw an excellent and very comprehensive Andy Warhol exhibition. They had quite a few of his so-called Time Capsules, the contents of which were rather fascinating. At the museum café we had a marvellous meal served by very attentive waiters. Very nice!

Did I write that it’s hot in Brisbane? I take that back. It’s not hot at all. Here in Port Douglas it’s hot. Probably the hottest and most humid place I’ve ever been to in my life. And the locals tell us that it’s cool, because of the rain. They gotta be kiddin’! When you get off the bus, your glasses steam up. David and I just started giggling when we got out of the bus and couldn’t see anything – just like we’ve tried it hundreds of times in Denmark, getting INTO the bus.

We flew here this morning. It’s app. 1500 km north of Brisbane. But remember, that here in the southern hemisphere, north = closer to Equator = hotter. The main attraction here is The Great Barrier Reef. We will go out there on a couple of day trips to snorkle and sail in a glass bottomed boat.

Our accomodation here is very nice – a sizeable two-floor apartment with fully equipped kitchen and well functioning air-condition. We took the bus into Port Douglas (five minutes) and had a look around. It’s a really nice little town with chic little boutiques, a lot of bars and a number of very nice-looking restaurants. We ate at On the Inlet which boasted “feeding of George the Groper at 5:15 pm every day”. OK, we got some really nice food and first row seats for the feeding. Unfortunately, George must have had a bad hair day, because he kept himself well under the water’s surface, so we only saw his shadow and the ripples in the water when he grabbed the fish heads thrown out to him.

Finally, I’ll let you in on a little secret: I keep picturing (and envying) the Australian women’s closets. They probably have one shelf with long-sleaved sweaters. They have one warm jacket and a pretty scarf to go with it. All other closet space is dedicated to pretty little sundresses, nice skirts and stacks of sleeveless t-shirts. And 15 pairs of sandals, 2 pairs of shoes, 1 pair of sneakers and 1 pair of wellies.

And I think of my closet at home. Where all the space is occupied by bulky sweaters and all the other winter gear, which I put on to avoid freezing. To no avail.


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