Spring til indhold

Lying a bit low

We’ve been lying low for a couple of days, because Dane has been ill. As usual we have no idea what hit him, but he went down with a fever and an upset tummy. He then slept 16 hours non stop, and that was that.

We visited the Saturday morning market in Chinatown (before he got really ill). Chinatown is almost next door to our motel. Among the stands was a book stand. And would you believe it, the guy sold only good books! Took ages to browse through his boxes – which were in perfect order, naturally, just like a library

Afternoon and evening were spent with our books and the telly, watching Dane sleep off the fever. This morning we took it easy, but then Dane insisted we went out. And he really was well again. We went for a walk in the Brisbane Botanical Garden, cruising along the river. And then we went to the movies and saw Alvin and the Chipmunks. It was great fun – Dane thought it was hilarious, his jaws were sore from laughing. I thought it was pretty funny too – loved the record company executive ;-)

(picture from IMDB)


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