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Betting on the end of the world

(not ONE word about the presidential election over there in America)

I knew that people bet on practically everything, but a bet on whether the Large Hadron Collider at CERN will destroy the Earth was new to me. But, here it is. And check the prizes for winner and loser. Very subtle, very funny. There’s even a video showing what it’s going to look like for the lucky few who might be out in space that day.

On Slate there’s a really good and informative review of Chrome. The bit about every single operation being independent of each other sounds wonderful – oh how I hate that I can’t do something in one tab (or only at crawling pace) while I’m loading a film or downloading an application in another tab. And how I hate that Firefox slows my computer down. So when Chrome is ready for Mac, I will surely try it, in spite of the quirks it quite obviously also has. Or maybe, as the Slate writer suggests, Mozilla will hurry and correct these obvious flaws in an otherwise great browser.

Today’s final post is unusual. It’s called the Walls of China. Notice the plural. It’s very short, but has a poignant point…

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