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What does my musical taste say about me?

Low self esteem, not very hard-working, kind or generous. However, creative. Indie.

High self-esteem, very creative, hard-working and at ease with myself, but not very kind or generous. Rock’n’roll.

High self-esteem, creative and at ease with myself, but not outgoing. Classical.

High self-esteem, creative, gentle. Opera.

I actually found this on DR’s homepage (Danish National Television), but here’s links to the Independent and BBC, who’ve both run the story. A team of psychologists at the Heriot-Watt University in Scotland are behind a study linking people’s personality and their taste in music. I can’t really tell what I like most of the above four categories of music, though I guess opera is my favourite.

From the above I can deduce that I’m certainly not hardworking. Hm. Giggle. Creative. Not really, you know! Not very kind? Oh my, and I thought I was such a kind person… Not outgoing. Hm, I know people who’d dispute that. And so on and so forth. Also, I can think of a couple of people, mad about indie music and really, really hardworking!

Another news story from Denmark can probably not be found in any British media, because it tells of a sentence passed by a Danish court.  Two women were accused of pirating – copying music files via the Internet. And they were aquitted, because the prosecution couldn’t prove that it was these two particular women, who’d done it – could have been anybody in their household, or even somebody hacking into their network.

Great, great, great!

I totally agree with Lawrence Lessig (law professor at Stanford and Internet evangelist) that the music industry must find itself another leg to stand on, because the sharing of music on the Internet is the future and not even an army of lawyers will be able to stop it.

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