Not enough online time

In case you’re worrying about us (as if!!!), we’re fine. The campsite we’ve been in the past week while Emil has been here, had Internet, but only when you were at their office. Not a place you really wanted to spend a lot of time!

I’ve uploaded pictures with comments though, so check them out in the meantime.

What I can tell you now (in a café in Portsmouth, New Hampshire) is this:

Emil is home safely after a trip with rerouting and delays.

Red Sox won the last three games and are now in the World Series. Ain’t that great?

We’re having problems finding open campgrounds in New England and even more problems finding open campgrounds that have Wi-Fi. When we run out of campsites, we’ll make a big U-turn and head south again.

Today we’re headed for Maine, to this place.


En tanke om “Not enough online time”

  1. Hej Néné
    Jeg er skam bekymret for jer!!! Tænker tit på hvordan I har det derovre og håber at I nyder turen, det lyder det i hvert fald til. Det er nogle smukke billeder.
    Savner dine mails, men forstår dig godt, har også selv meget travlt med nyt arbejde osv.
    Ha det godt, søde Néné.
    Knus Jeannette

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