Tourist at Rosenborg Castle

Today I went with young son, my friend @belle_lulu and her daughters from the UK to Rosenborg Castle. Rosenborg is the little baby castle the Danish King Christian the 4th built for himself in the heart of Copenhagen and which is at the centre of Rose Tremain’s fantastic bestseller Music & Silence.

I cannot recall ever having met such sour, dull, impolite and in some cases rude staff at any museum, castle or estate EVER. And it was ALL of them. Some of them even spoke very poor English. And this is not Romania, it’s Denmark, where everybody under 70 is supposed to speak excellent English! Furthermore, it’s a good while since I’ve been at a museum with such poor service towards its many international visitors. The measly few signs explaining what you’re seeing are in DANISH. If you want to understand bits of it you have to buy the guide book, which isn’t even that good. And if you want to take photographs you need to purchase a photo license!!!! (at 20 DKR, but why?).

It’s a lovely, lovely castle, with a terrific collection of gorgeous antiques. Really fantastic stuff, soaked in history. But you’re left with a feeling of embarrassment on behalf of the Danish state. I kept wanting to pass it over to the National Trust to ensure engaged, knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Go sort yourself Rosenborg. Get a new boss who can motivate her staff and bring some fresh air to the establishment.

Thank you.