Just on the news: Literary Nobel prize

Wauw, for the first time in years I’ve not only heard about the winner of the Nobel prize in literature before, I’ve actually read him and (just went into the living room and counted) actually own three of his books. His name is J. M. G. Le Clezio – here’s the Wikipedia article and here’s the article about the prize in The Times.

His books are easy to read, dreamy and timeless. Unless you’re Danish I can’t lend them to you, because the ones I have are all in Danish translations. Le Clezio writes in French, which I don’t master to the degree of reading anything other than restaurant menus.

I’m happy that the Nobel Prize Committee has finally again chosen a writer, who’s accessible and readable to everyone.

(Picture is snatched from The Times)

Just added: Well, of course I’d read Doris Lessing too (I think most people have, if they were around in the days of apartheid). But her prize seemed to be a tribute more than a “recommendation to the world”.