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Literature Nobel Laureates

Below are all the laureates since the year of my birth. I think I’ve read less than half of them, and some of them – like the Quasimodo guy from my yob – I’ve never even heard of. Also, I find it strange that so many of them are best known for writing drama. Except maybe for Marquez, none of them have given me one of those unforgettable literary moments we all cherish. Although a few of the ones predating 1959 have, like Pasternak, Laxness, Hemingway Mann and Lagerlöf.

Is any one of them a favourite of yours? What have you read? Why did you think it was wonderful? I’d really like to know!

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  1. Ah! I’ve read less than I should but more than most of the Nobel laureates. Have been thinking of reading a book (if I can find) by them all but it’s a big task so I haven’t even started yet. I have my favorites amongst the authors, Laxness, Pär Lagerkvist (51), T.S. Eliot (48), Kenzaburo Oe, Marquez, Toni Morrison, Albert Camus (57), Thomas Mann and more. I think the prise brings certain quality that’s hard to deny even though I don’t always like all the authors. They are often hard to read and tough to get through (boring!) but like with the classics it’s often very hard to deny that there’s quality there.

    I like entries like this. :)

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