Spring til indhold



What’s with the # (hash-tag) you ask (if you’re not on Twitter). The above is the key word for any tweet about the Iranian election… Læs mere »#Iranelection


I often cringe when reading some blogs but primarily blog comments and comments to newspaper articles. Why is it that so many people use such… Læs mere »Name-calling

All is said

so I’ve surfed around for some less serious titbits to add colour to this day of promise. If you haven’t read any comments, I suggest… Læs mere »All is said


Yesterday was the Times, today it is the BBC. Another love of my life – if you’ll allow me to go a bit overboard. On… Læs mere »BBC


Now, what kind of idiot does a thing like this? Thank you to Capac for the pointer. I’m always going on about TED (Technology Entertainment… Læs mere »Links

Link day

From Marginal Revolution this about Icelanders being the happiest people on earth. From the New Yorker a bone-chilling recount of Nixon’s presidency and why that… Læs mere »Link day