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What women want. Aha. But what do men want?

Phones 4U has done a survey on the attractiveness of men, judged by the mobile or smartphone they own. Not too surprisingly women find men with Iphones to be the most attractive. You know, they have enough money to buy one and hopefully use some of the arty applications rather than sports- and porn applications…

Iphones in the family (bar one who wasnt present...)

Iphones in the family (bar one who wasn't present...)

Read about this survey here in MacWorld. I scrolled and scrolled to find the bit about the reverse situation. How does a man think a woman’s phone adds or detracts to her attractiveness? But will you believe it? There’s not a word about that.

Now, does that mean that men don’t care what phone a woman uses as long as her other, eh, attributes, are attractive to him, or does it mean that Phones 4U simply didn’t think to reverse the question? Which leads to another question: Does that mean that far more men than women own Iphones? I know you should be careful when judging from your own circles and I am. But still, at least half of the Iphone owners I know are women.

Just asking…

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  1. Hello Nene!
    Hope you’re having a lovely time back in Denmark.
    Thank for this post on iPhone apps. Enormously useful. I’ve just downloaded 2 apps at your suggestion (including Sleep Cycle).
    I’ve also added you to my blog roll. I don’t know why you weren’t on it before. Sorry.
    xx Miss W

  2. Thank you Miss Whistle, glad to be of service. Thank you for including me in your blogroll. A most distinguished place to be!

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