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Be careful, water is wet

I’ve been ranting about this before, but here I go again, inspired by the below sign permanently posted at the entrance to the shower area in my gym.

Sign in my gym
Sign in my gym

No cleaning is actually going on or has been going on when the sign is posted there. I don’t have a problem with that – it’s absolutely nice and clean and the cleaning person does her job very well. No, obviously the sign is there to warn the patrons that the floor is wet. I’m sure it will come as a great surprise to many people who are going for a shower at their gym, that the floor might be wet in that area.

Why is it that we need to be warned and advised about the most ridiculous things, when, just to mention a few examples, cars can drive a lot faster than the speed limits and cigarettes and alcohol can still be purchased? All things that cost a lot more lives and a lot more money to society than a person slipping where it’s wet or falling off a tree branch. It’s double standards!

I would like to regain responsibility for my own life and then maybe the authorities could spend more time and money on real dangers, that we as individuals can’t do anything about, like greening everyday products, protecting the honeybee etc. etc.

I sound like a libertarian now, I know. But really, I’m not a libertarian, I pay my taxes with (relative) joy and am in favour of many kinds of regulations. It just seems to me that some areas of regulations have gone completely overboard, particularly some of the health and safety regulations. The fact that so many people know so little about food and cooking that they’ll eat a chicken that’s practically raw is not something we should regulate our way out of. It’s something we should educate ourselves out of!

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  1. Hear! Hear! Yay, yay, yay!!! Woman, you’re so very right! But when Burgerking get’s sued for millions, because – surprise!- A cup of coffee is hot, I understand the signs here and there… Not that I feel sorry for Burgerking in any way, it is not hot coffee, that is their most dangerous product! – Maybe I’m getting old, but all these “Curling parents” and “helicopter mums” are just a symptom of the growing illness of todays society, where we have to be warned against the possible effect of a wet floor….. This is the 200 anniversary of Charles Darwin and our technological revolution is mindblowing -We’re part of this ongoing evolution, we have brains – Now let’s use them for something else, than trying to guard of every possible pain or “negative” emotion! There is a complex and ongoing socio and psychological reason/explanations/thesis for the whys and hows of this, I know, but still it makes me wonder for the future of the western world, when quite a large proportion of humankind, show such unpropotional fear and estranged relations to “danger”, “pain” and socalled “negative” emotions –

    Thank you Néné for bringing this up!
    Kind regards

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