2 tanker om “State of the Earth en miniature”

  1. Hey Sweetness
    It’s a fine little video… I posted it on my Facebook last year in the fall – and had it forwarded to all of my friends incl. you ;-) Didn’t get one single response, inspite of the obvious and numerous ” aha” moments it presents- even for the most “enlightened” of my peers!
    Much love from Gabriela

  2. Hm, I only became a Facebook-member in January. And while we were travelling I didn’t have much time to deal with Facebook anyway, our online-time being so limited. So I declare myself out of your line of fire, my dear.
    But generally, people, including yours truly, are awful at responding to things like that. You take it in and want to do something, but if you don’t have time at that very moment, usually it just doesn’t happen at all!

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