Spring til indhold

Waiting in trepidation

Ive even got the tea cosy out...
I've even got the tea cosy out...

I’ve settled down now in my sofa with everything within reach and BBC News on the telly. My computer is at hand and so is my Iphone. Luckily most of the key states are on the East coast, which means the results will be in around 1 am. Should one or some of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio go to Obama, then I will almost certainly go to bed, assured that America will have a president who will unite rather than divide come January. That’s what he’s been promising all along and I choose to believe that he will do his best to deliver that. I remember reading an analysis of his political statements in The Atlantic back in December last year, thinking that this man could recover USA’s standing in the rest of the world and make an end to the aggressive foreign policy we’ve witnessed for so many years now. And won’t that be something! I really and truly love America – it’s such a fantastic country. It would be so nice to also harbour some respect for the man in the White House.

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