Spring til indhold


Culture shock

We had a culture shock the other day (December 1st). We had spent a nice afternoon in the cowboy village at Enchanted Springs. It was… Læs mere »Culture shock


It’s been a while, I know (no Internet at campground and busy with travel arrangements). And it’ll be a while yet, for tonight I’ll head… Læs mere »Absent

Pictures added

I’ve added some pictures to my previous post about the period farm and the Pacific war museum.

Driving the RV

is what we’ve been doing today. Or David has, more precisely. We’re now at a very posh campsite 40 miles north of Houston, and Dane… Læs mere »Driving the RV

San Antonio

Today we were really going to treat Dane to something special, so we took the relatively long drive down to San Antonio to the worlds… Læs mere »San Antonio