Spring til indhold

A madhouse

Today we’ve walked up the Strip. And down the Strip. There is nothing you can say or write that can quite capture Las Vegas. It really is the oddest of places! Here are ALL kinds of people. Maybe even more so this week, when there’s the electronics fair and there are thousands of nerds and geeks, you know, bald and with black-rimmed glasses and black t-shirts with “secret messages”? And what I guess is “the usual crowd” of tourists in awe, local hustlers, Mexicans peddling “Girls delivered to your room in twenty minutes“, girls and women with very little clothes on and fat, sweaty guys at the slot machines.

New York, New York by night. Dane’s in complete awe of the Statue of Liberty and cannot believe that’s she’s even bigger in the real New York City!

Excalibur at night. It’s just so ugly it’s makes your eyes water!

New York, New York in bright daylight!

Inside The Venetian. It’s just larger than life. The sky is blue 24/7, for it’s not the sky, it’s the ceiling… You’ll believe me when I say that the gondoliers sing to their customers, won’t you?

Something new is under way. Apparently the money never runs out in this place.

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