Spring til indhold

So much to tell and so little time

– but I’ll catch up, don’t worry! Right now I’m at a computer café, so don’t have the time to  make a real post. But, briefly, we’re now at Tamarindo beach, where we don’t really fit in, it’s a place full of surfers and beach bums of all ages. Anyway, we’re at a nice hotel – after first rejecting the hotel the travel agent had booked for us, and we’ll go swimming in the Pacific  soon.

We were first at the Arenal Volcano, where the pictures are from and later up in the mountains at Monte Verde, where we took a hike in the Cloud Forest. It’s the most inaccessible place in Costa Rica and you will NOT believe the condition of the  “roads”there.

Hope to be able to do some proper posts soon with some of the fantastic pictures we’ve taken. Until then, please have a look at these pictures from our Canopy tour. Some of you probably wouldn’t believe that I’d dare or that Dane would. But there goes…

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