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Celebrities intelligent people love to hate

So, referring to the title of this post, I’m either not very intelligent or a lot of other intelligent people just keep very quiet about still loving (or at least not hating) these celebrities.

The ones that have come to mind lately are Bono, Malcolm Gladwell, Angelina Jolie and Andy Murray. Bono and Gladwell because they were both portrayed in the Sunday Times last week (interestingly Bono won over his interviewer, Gladwell didn’t win his), Ms. Jolie because I just read an interesting article in the Guardian about gossip magazines and their victims and Murray, yeah, well, he’s all over the place these days, winning games at Wimbledon every day. I’m sure there are more, but these are sufficient to discuss the subject.

I don’t hate them. I even rather like some of them.

I’ve been a fan of U2 ever since I first saw them live in 1982 and I find that Bono spends his money and his time very wisely. He’s personally shy of the press, but uses it to benefit his cause(s). He’s been married to the same woman forever and is a member of a band that still has all its members after over 30 years! He has raised enormous sums for very worthy charities and he pursues this relentlessly. What is there to hate? I just don’t understand it.

Gladwell is hated because he makes loads of money on his books and speaches. And what about you, yes you, reader. If you were able to write books that sold incredibly well, wouldn’t you? And if you could then make collossal sums speaking about them, wouldn’t you? I would. His books are apparently not scientific enough for many intellectuals. I’m not a proper intellectual, so I enjoy reading them and Blink really got to me. His best book, in my opinion. I’ve met this attitude often among academics. If you publish something that the general public can actually read and enjoy, you’re frowned upon. And if you’re capable of expressing yourself in a media-friendly way, to explain complicated matters to people in magazines, on TV or radio, then you’ve ‘sold out’. I don’t get it. I thought we spent public money on educating brilliant scientists and academics, so that they can teach the rest of us something!

Angelina is hated because she’s too good to be true, I think. She’s incredibly beautiful. When I saw her at the Oscars I was stupefied at her easy glamour. She has all these babies, a gorgeous husband and a real sense for business (check the above mentioned Guardian article). And then there’s the UN ambassador thing. She’s much more visible than all the other celeb ambassadors, I hear. Eh yes, I thought that was the whole point? I like her – even if I’m not a huge fan of her as an actress.

Andy Murray. OK, he’s not a McEnroe, that’s for sure. I always adored him. And I’ll admit to never having heard or read an interview with Murray, since I don’t find sports interviews interesting. But people are saying that even if he’s British they still want him to lose. What has the poor bloke done? OK, so he’s a bit arrogant? So was Björn Borg. Was he equally hated?

So people, explain to me why it’s comme il faut to spite these people and not others. Because I’d really like to know!

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  1. I can think of at least one reason. They’re all annoying on some level.
    Bono was in Canada a few years ago trying to get the PM to give a percentage of our coffers to Africa. What we all wanted to say was “Okay, you first Paul.”
    Malcolm Gladwell (promise not to go on too long here)comes off as sexist and elitist in his books, but claims otherwise.
    Angelina Jolie because she has it all, and still doesn’t seem to be happy.

  2. I think, it has to do with envy, and not hate. Or maybe the envy is the motor behind the hate. The People mentioned have success, money, beauty, and whatever, we desire in our modern world. As Heather remarks about Jolie,”she has it all, and still doesn’t seem to be happy”.

  3. I wholly agree with you Capac. Envy must be the key word.
    @Heather: Well, Bono does give money to Africa. And what’s more, he gives his time and talent to Africa. That’s more than can be said about most of us – myself included. About Gladwell – I’m quite allergic to sexism, but haven’t really thought about it much when reading his books. True, no examples of women in his latest book, but he has officially apologized for that, if I recall correctly? And Jolie – whoever said all those things were supposed to make you happy? And besides, who are we to judge whether she’s happy or not? If I were surrounded by paparazzi all the time I’d look cross, annoyed and unhappy in each and every picture…

  4. I just wanted to clarify that the Paul I am referring to was then the Prime Minister, Paul Martin. What I objected to was Bono canvassing a government for money from Canadian taxpayers. Bono should have been canvassing Paul Martin, who has a shipping empire and has his taxable assets tucked away in the Caribbean.

  5. Sorry for delayed reply @Heather – Seem to recall Bono was christened Paul so thought you referred to him. Not exactly on first-name-terms with Canadian prime ministers, I’m afraid! Obviously understand you Paul (Martin) rant!

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