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Eavesdropping and tweeting it!

I happened to overhear a conversation earlier today at a café, where I was getting myself a bite before picking up son at friends. It was so embarrassing that my ears went red and my heart was racing. I decided to tweet about it. If you’re familiar with Twitter, you’ll know where to start: By scrolling down to the bottom of the page and then read backwards. If you’re not familiar with Twitter, you know it anyway (now). Go ahead, share my eavesdropping experience! (PS: A few of the @ reply tweets are in Danish, but all of mine are in English.)

Dan Bjørneboeursushi @thea0507 @labeet Ja. Det var stort.

CamillaLarsenSchmidtcamlarsch @labeet Så de overhovedet ud til at være tiltrukket af hinanden? Ellers var det en meget lang samtale … #SoMuchAtStake
Lotte Molberg
lottemolberg @labeet altså som date-detektiv? Eller hvad man kan kalde det. Spændende var det i hvert fald ;)
Thea Juhl Thorup
Tina - omme i London
twishart @labeet Plenty calls for a professional eavesdropper… ;)
Nene La Beet
labeet I’ve enjoyed entertaining you. Maybe I should consider a career change?
HelleManicus @labeet Tak for god underholdning. Some other time maybe :)
Mark Lewis
mmark @labeet mos def – like being there :) great narrative, had me all round up.. Would make a great opening, thnx nene, enjoy your afternoon :)
Marie Bilde
MarieBilde @labeet thanx for breathtaking report from date. I hope SHE will tell HIM that there’s no point in meeting again. I don’t like him.
Jesper Dahl Jeppesen
jesperdahl @labeet damn, it was an interesting live tweet. Wonder why we are so intrigued by it? :-)
Jonathan Davis
canadiancat RT @labeet: Long odd pause. Now he’s got her talking about her job. I don’t like him, he plays to all her insecurities <= All guilty of that
Emil Hermansen
emiil @labeet Supercool livetweet! Hvor lød de dog uptight begge to. Nu har jeg også ondt i maven. Tak for lørdagsdrama!
Judi Lund Finderup
JudiLFinderup @labeet Nooo! You have to stay. Cant stop the story now :)
Sejs Dyner
SejsDyner @sigaard @labeet Agree, Please don’t go :-)
Jacob Christensen
jacobchr @labeet Det lød unægtelig som Alle Pinlige Stævnemøders Moder
Martin Sigaard
sigaard @labeet no please stay, more more more!
Maria Barrett
MariaBarrett @labeet How can you! I’m hanging on your every word!#whathappensnext?
belle_lulu @labeet It’s like downloading the first chapter only of a real pageturner! Write the rest of their story for us please…. :) xxx
amjustme @labeet Wait! You can’t go now!!!!
Lars Sønderskov
Soenderskov @labeet God underholdning;-)
deililly @labeet Aww, I was getting well into this!
Nene La Beet
labeet Friends and co-eavesdroppers, I have to leave you – and our couple here. Must dash. Don’t believe they’ll meet again. My tummy hurts!
kirstenmarie @labeet I’m wondering how much of their future relationsship (assuming they enter into one) has already been established at this point.
Nene La Beet
labeet Long odd pause. Now he’s got her talking about her job. I don’t like him, he plays to all her insecurities.
Adam Jensen
aj42 @labeet :D that is so academic & pretentious :/
Nene La Beet
labeet She tries to say that she finds Talent more fun because of the odd people w various acts. He cuts her off by rejecting it. She reels back.
amjustme @labeet think of it as live theatre……
Michelle Lancaster
michlan @labeet lol – i’m loving your eavesdropping session! :) x
Sejs Dyner
SejsDyner @labeet Ha ha, nobody’s watching that show, but everybody knows a lot anyways
Nene La Beet
labeet Now they crack me up, discussing X-factor and both saying they’re not watching it. However, they seem to know all the contestants!
amjustme @labeet I think they are not suited…….
Nene La Beet
labeet She’s straight. Only way, she says, w/o ridiculing herself completely at bars and cafés. Should add that they both look great. Around 35-38.
Nene La Beet
labeet Now they are legitimising net dating. Guess it’s a necessary step. He’s trying to play down the fact that he (obviously) does it.
Kirsty B
kirtle @labeet You can’t go now! Not before they do, anyway!
Nene La Beet
labeet I’m waiting to pick up son and planned to read. But can’t focus, conversation has me spellbound!
Nene La Beet
labeet Now they talk FB. She makes the wrong move of admitting that she spends too much time there. He jumps in, doesn’t do that *anymore*. Ouch.
Mary Liebowitz
MaryLiebowitz @labeet You are absolutely cracking me up. I’m feeling a knot in my stomach for these people!
Nene La Beet
labeet A lull now, she gets desperate and starts babbling. Do I know that reaction? They are briefly saved by waiter who jokes with them.
Nene La Beet
labeet He’s so good at returning the ball to her court all the time. Now she’s trying hard to make him spill the beans.
kirstenmarie @labeet Me too! :-)
Nene La Beet
labeet My stomach’s in a knot on their behalf. It’s totally stressful!
Sejs Dyner
SejsDyner @labeet More more more :-)
belle_lulu @labeet I’m entranced…..
Paula Fleetwood
PaulaFleetwood2 @labeet This is RIVETING
Jonathan Davis
canadiancat @labeet I’m really liking your tweets right now! So intense…keep it up ;-)
dalsgaard @labeet is doing the most interesting live coverage
Thea Juhl Thorup
thea0507 @labeet Exciting date;)
Nene La Beet
labeet She tries to evade answering question of whether she wants children. He lets it go.
Nene La Beet
labeet He asks straight out: why don’t you have children? She explains about previous boyfriend who was too young.
Nene La Beet
labeet She tests him back by stating opinions about child rearing. Think she got away with it. Phew.
Nene La Beet
labeet He’s got kids, she hasn’t. He’s testing her, she’s trying for right balance of empathy and distance.
Mark Lewis
mmark @labeet oh please report some dialogue ;)
Nene La Beet
labeet Couple behind me are on first RL date after netdating. I’d really wish I couldn’t hear their conversation, but this café is tiny!!

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