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Does a smartphone change your life?

In some ways it does, obviously, but does it change it fundamentally? I’m not so sure, to be honest. But what is HAS changed is the way I document my life and the lives of my children. It’s not really that I take FAR more photographs of junior-junior than I did of junior when he was little, long before any kind of fancy easy-to-use cameras were around. It’s more the kinds of photos I take. And that junior-junior takes lots of photos himself.

I’ve always noticed things. I notice new, excellent design, interesting fashion trends among young people, hilarious clothing, spelling errors and funny misunderstandings of phrases in the public space, inscriptions on houses, graffiti, etc. etc. But before I got a smartphone I only rarely got the chance to document and share these things. Now I can. Only the limits of the zoom on my phone, my general clumsiness when getting the phone out of my pocket and common decency keeps me from documenting much more than I do now.

Here follows a variety of examples of this from the last weeks.

Magasin du Nord has had a serious facelift. It looks great.

I've started knitting again...
Müesli bread
A very welcome package from Amazon
Tried on this dress. Loved it. Didn't buy it. Why? $$$
Købmagergade where I work is undergoing major change. New pavement stones, hand laid.


I got a new toy…

I walked down Vesterbrogade and saw this: Happiness lives where peace resides
Husband bought us one kilo of chocolates. There are around five left...
Hipstamatic, Louisiana, son and Giacometti are a great mix


See what I mean? This is not the kind of pictures we used to take when we had phones AND cameras. Has your camera phone changed the way you document your life?

I heard recently of a new service, memolane, that promises to do what Facebook and Twitter don’t. Keep this stream of consciousness that our postings to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc. are for posterity. Don’t know how well it works yet, but the idea is brilliant!

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