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Holiday, corruption, drug resistance, sleep & happiness – in that order

Last post in a while. We’re off on family holiday in Portugal tomorrow morning and I’m not bringing my ailing Mac-baby. It will rest in our safe. Don’t try to rob our house, we have alarm and neighbourhood watch ;-)


American justice is a strange phenomenon. I’ve never liked the fact that judges are elected directly by the public. It appeals to a kind of ambition that a judge should not have… This story from the New York Times confirms your worst suspicions! Had it been a film, you would probably have judged it incredible, had it been a book it would have been written by Elmore Leonard.


Sometimes I have discussions with people about why one should buy organic household products. I do it because I want to do my teeny weeny little bit to not add more to pollution than necessary to that very limited resource of ours, water. It’s not just me flushing less chemical sludge into the sewers, it’s also the factories producing the products I use. I must then live with the fact that it’s more difficult for me to keep my whites white and that my clothes don’t smell like a meadow of lilies. Here’s an article from the Guardian referring to a study, which has shown that many household products like shampoo and cleaning agents contain substances which further the development of certain microbes in water, which in turn spread drug resistant bacteria into the environment (=us).


Worry dolls. Picture from Wikipedia.

Worry dolls. Picture from Wikipedia.

Sleep, that lovely thing we do every night and think little of when we get enough. Anyone who has suffered from prolonged sleep problems or who has small children and a job knows how important it is and how terrible it feels when you don’t get enough. Even when it’s only a few nights. Scientists are still working to understand sleep, but here’s an article which tells about short- and long term consequenses of sleep deprivation. Get your sleep while you can! I have a sleep tip for those of us who will lose sleep over worries: In South America they use “worry dolls“, tiny little dolls to whom you tell your problems before placing them under your pillow. Something happens when you voice your concerns. Sometimes they disappear altogether, other times they are just put into perspective. If you don’t have access to worry dolls (who has?), try writing your worries on a piece of paper or a note book before you go to sleep. It works more often than not. At least for me.


On Twitter someone recommended this very seasoned blogger, Lisa Williams. That was just as well, because she has a most interesting post about happiness, a whole new take on the subject. If you’re half as interested in the subject of happiness as I am (who isn’t btw?), then you’ll enjoy reading Lisa’s little insightfull post. I’ve written about happiness previously. Here latest.

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  1. I have a little pouch of worry dolls! I’ve had them since I was a wee girl- although admittedly I no longer put them under my pillow every night. I do so love to pull them out every once in a while- they are a lovely concept, and I agree with you- voicing your worries does somehow lessen their load :)
    Hope you have a magical time in Portugal! X

  2. I hope you have the most marvellous holiday. I have always longed to go to Portugal. I am going to look up some Portuguese recipes and cook them in honour of your travels. Thank you so much for being so incredibly kind and supportive about my new baby blog, and for your delightful and authentic panzanella recipe, which I shall try at once. Taniaxx

  3. Darling Néné
    Wishing you and your family a great holiday time in Portugal!

    Ps. You can buy the “Worry/lucky dolls” all over USA/Europe/Latin America – They are sold in small decorated matchboxes – Usually in NGO stores or in shops selling 3.World/South American/Mexican decor…. I’ve seen them positively everywhere…. Last in Amsterdam and Copenhagen… (“,)

    Much Love from Gabs

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