Spring til indhold

Merry Christmas everyone

Our own little toothless nisse (elf).
Our own little toothless "nisse" (elf).

I’ve written a Christmas letter – I do that every year – and added it to my blog as a page. If you scroll up a wee bit, you’ll see the word letter. Press that if you feel inclined to read a recount of the last year in our family. Don’t feel you have to :-)

Dane and I have just finished baking cookies. And pastry for more cookies tomorrow is in the fridge. A huge turkey is resting in my neighbour’s fridge – ours is just not big enough! I’m not cooking it for our own Christmas dinner (which is on the 24th. We’re Danish, you know!), but for the big Christmas thingy at David’s sister’s house on Christmas Day. We’ll be so many that we need two turkeys. Difficult to fit two turkeys, roast potatoes etc. etc. into one – or even two – ovens! I’ll use this recipe from Videojug. Then it can’t go wrong!

Unfortunately I can’t enjoy a totally relaxed Christmas, because I have to deliver a paper on January the 5th. Next year I won’t be a student and there won’t be a paper to deliver – can’t wait! I’m really late with that paper due to two unforeseen trips to Copenhagen. But I think it’s coming together nevertheless, so I’m sort of medium optimistic…

Dane is helping me with the presents, he’s just wrapped at least ten and is begging me to let him wrap his own present: “I promise I won’t look or shake the box” he says.

A not-so-good photo of our fireplace
A not-so-good photo of our fireplace

Tomorrow my oldest son Emil arrives around midday and then we’ll go food shopping. He loves that :-D        We have allready bought all the boring, trivial stuff, so what’s left is just all the nice convenience food and chocolate and stuff. All of the 24th we’ll just lounge around the fire and watch the telly and EAT. If we’re VERY energetic we might play a game of Monopoly or even venture out for a walk!

Until my paper is done, there won’t be many posts here, I’m afraid. I’ve forbidden myself to look at my feed reader, so the only inspiration I get is from real life. And since I hardly get out of the door these days, it isn’t much!

In the meantime – enjoy lovely holidays and be good to one another. Please!

Earlier this month we went to Wisley to meet Father Christmas. On the way we met this citrus Snowman
Earlier this month we went to Wisley to meet Father Christmas. On the way we met this citrus Snowman

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