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More trees

From a father at my son’s school I heard that India does not export timber, it imports timber. This was apparently decided some decades ago, as it dawned on the Indian government that there can be dire consequences when you fell the forests without replacing them. See the Forest Conservation Act.

I’d forgotten about this again till a friend sent me this video about greening the desert. I admit to knowing very little about this, but I don’t think I’d advocate greening all desert areas in the world, because probably deserts are also good for something. But there are some deserts that are man-made, so why not start with them?

picture of desert from sustainableagriculture.org

Such a revived area of desert land can only be good in my opinion. There can be grown sustenance for local people, there will be grazing for (a limited number of) animals, there will be better access to water. AND – the lovely added win-win bonus: The trees and other greenery can help reduce carbon emissions.

Read more about Greening the Desert here and here.

picture of revived desert from Greeningthedesert.com

In the light of G8‘s unambitious agreement on carbon emissions, why not become a member of 350.0rg and/or join their fanclub on Facebook.

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