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Getting our bearings in Brisbane

So we’ve arrived in Aussie-land. The Aussies are friendly, funny and straight-forward. At least the ones we’ve met so far here in VERY hot Brisbane. We’re informed that it’s not usually this hot – it can get down to 12-14 degrees celcius in the midst of winter. Brrr…

We’ve spent one day in Brisbane downtown, familiarizing ourselves with the city’s layout. It’s pretty easy, although I must admit to some surprise as to how large it is!

The next day we went on a river cruise on a charming elderly ship, the Mirimar. It took us 1 1/2 hour up-river to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. It was great. You may think that it’s ridiculous with a whole field full of tame kangaroos and dozens of Eucalyptus trees with sleepy and accomodating koalas, but once you’re there, that’s all theory. The sanctuary really is a safe-haven for these animals, and the place is full of people totally dedicated to the well-being of these – and all other – animals.

The idea was that Dane should be the one to hold and pet a Koala. But he chickened out. And in fact it was probably a little bit too heavy for him – 8 kilograms.

See more pictures of all the cute and not-so-cute Aussie animals here.

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  1. Hi,
    Hope you have a great time around here. If you are staying several days it wouldn’t be a bad idea to stop by the tourist info on Queen Street Mall, between Edward St and Albert St. Check out my blog and you can get some ideas of where to go next.
    Does 12-14 degrees Celsius sound that cold to you? In reality the minimum reaches 8-10C
    But I don’t think that’s very cold.

  2. Hm, guess it’s Danish humour. I don’t think it’s cold at all. I think it sounds wonderful with winter temperatures like that :-)
    thanks for the tip – we’ve already been to the tourist info and picked up a load of brochures.

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