Spring til indhold

We’re not coming home!

What’s this? (Buller, you can’t guess!)

The weather, the food, the coffee (yes!), the nice people, the beaches… It’s just downright too nice here to even consider going home to wet, cold and stressed Europe…

Sushi restaurant seen from above.

Ah, just kidding. But I do have to agree with at least 10 of my friends and aquaintances who’ve claimed that Sydney is the World’s loveliest big city. It has EVERYTHING. Brother – you were right!

The only thing we’re really, really missing is some Wi-Fi where we’re staying. I’m afraid that our nice host offers us a lovely bed, nice food, great views, fantastic hospitality etc. etc. But his company Wi-Fi is so closed-circuit that I just can’t tap into it.   :-(

So posts will be few and far between. But trust that I’ll write later and tell about all the things metioned above. And probably a few more.

We have a very busy schedule, visiting people we know from home and also people we’ve just met a few days ago.

3 tanker om “We’re not coming home!”

  1. Hej, en hilsen fra Vestsjælland og et DK lidt i gråt med de sædvanlige skænderier og tørklæder og tegninger. Det ser jo simpelthen for fantatisk dejligt ud dér, hvor I. Umiddelbart ingen grunde til at haste hjem – piratos og rugbrød smager som det plejer. Alle hilsener Rene

  2. Have been following your lovely holiday, you’ve been having fun. Looks hot up there in Queensland.Great photographs

    Abi and David xxxxxxx

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